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South America January to April 2017
The Plan
The eventual plan used a combination of planes, trains and automobiles (as well as buses and ships). Although Mark and Alexa made the overall plan and booked much of the transport and accommodation, assistance was provided by Parabanks Flight Centre and South America Travel. South America Travel is highly recommended and it is the travel company to have if your travel plans go wrong - they were an absolute life-saver on two occasions in Ecuador.

The trip was ultimately divided into a number of discrete legs:

1. Easter Island
2. Santiago.
3. Cruise from Valpariso, round Cape Horn, to Falkland Islands (Malvinas) to Buenos Aires.
4. Salta
5. Iguazu Falls
6. Rio de Janerio
7. La Paz.
8. Copacabana, Sun Island, Lake Titicaca.
9. Puno - Village Homestay, Floating Reed Islands.
10. Andean Explorer train from Puno to Cucso.
11. Machu Picchu
12. Cusco
13. Lima
14. Quito. Equator complex.
15. Cruise Napo River, Amazon Basin
16. Home stay in Otavalo. Ride the Freedom Train.
17. Cruise Galapagos Islands.
18. Florida USA - St Augustine, Lakelands, Kennedy Space Centre, Everglades City, Fort Lauderdale..
19. Cruise though Panama Canal up Cenrtal America to San Diego
20. Visit San Diego Zoo and Arial Tramway, Palm Springs
21. Fly Los Angeles to Adelaide.