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South America January to April 2017
Mark and Alexa used Qantas Frequent Flyer points to buy business class seats from Adelaide to Sydney, but they only put in for an upgrade to business class from Sydney to Santiago.
Adelaide to Sydney and Beyond!
Qantas doesn't tell you if you have an upgrade until a day or so before the flight, so it was with bated breath that they waited to know if they had the upgrade for one our longest flights - Sydney to Santiago.

As you can see from the selfie below on the flight to Santiago, they were happily seated in upgraded seats and ready to take on the twelve and a half hour flight.
Even with the free drinks, nice food, entertainment and your own little bed , it still good to see the map showing that you will shortly be landing at your destination.

For over half a day you watch the plane crawl across the Pacific Ocean and now you are nearly there.
After clearing customs, it was a short taxi ride to the Hilton Garden Inn located near the airport to relax and adjust to the South America time zones. For tomorrow was going to be another long day.
Even on the first day, as soon as they got into their room, we had to feed all of the electronic equipment before we fed ourselves. The value of having a universal power plug adapter and an Australian power board shown its worth straight away. Charge everything in one go, making sure that there was never a flat battery when it was needed to take a picture or check emails.
Before retiring to bed and trying to get a good night's sleep, Alexa took the time to take picture of the setting Moon through the window.

A good night's sleep was needed, as the next morning it would be back at the airport waiting to board a flight that would take them back the way we came for five and a half hours - to Easter Island.

Bizarrely enough at the time the trip was planned, Flying to Santiago and back to Easter Island was the quickest and cheapest way to get there!