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Designed by Mark Little
South America January to April 2017
After arriving from Easter Island by air, it was about a 20-minute taxi ride to Hostel Cienfuegos.

This hostel was only about 20 minutes from the Bus Terminal where Mark and Alexa would take a bus to Valpariso to embark on a cruise in a couple of days.

As with most hotel rooms, Mark and Alexa's room was basic, but comfortable and clean. The unusual feature is that every room had a triangular bay window that overhangs the footpath below. You could look along either way and see into the bay window of the adjacent rooms.
One of the scarier things, however, was to look along the side of the buildings and see the wiring. A lot of it, like this tangle, you can convince yourself that it is just telecommunications cabling such as pay-tv and phone lines.

However, some of the enormous tangles that were seen in South America, clearly  disappear into power distribution boxes. Not only that, in some places, it would have been possible to lean out and touch the power lines (if you were that silly).

Having said all that, this hostel appeared to be properly maintained and was clean and the staff most helpful.