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South America January to April 2017
Sky Costanera Santiago - Page 2
There was obviously a helicopter fly-by just for Mark and Alexa while they were on the Sky Costanera's observation decks. The reason for the fly-by was unknown, and although each helicopter had different markings, they all  appeared to have pods attached to sides. Perhaps they were emergency services?
If you were wondering about the lighter coloured water on the right hand size of the river, it isn't a shadow or an illusion. The river at this point consists two streams of water from where two channels merge together in the city.

The first image below shows the river before the channels merged, while the second one shows why the chocolate water dominates the river below their junction.

Unlike the other photos on this page, the image below has not been signal processed to reduce the effect of the pollution haze. In the distance are mountains that could be easily missed.