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South America January to April 2017
Sky Costanera Santiago
Unlike the previous day when Mark and Alexa took a walk around Santiago, they decided to take the Metro to get to get to "The Tallest Tower in South America. Not speaking Spanish and never having been in the Santiago Subway, Mark and Alexa were trying to figure out how to buy a ticket and how to use it.

While they were discussing it, a man stopped and asked them if they needed help. They said yes and explained what they wanted to do. The man took them to the head of the ticket queue and arranged for the purchase of the tickets we needed and then pointed them to the correct platform. This was not a Metro employee, but just a passer-by, offering assistance. Mark and Alexa found that the people in South America were very helpful to strangers.
For those used to AS or Australian dollars, the price of the ticket ($7000) may seem rather unbelievable, which is fair enough, because it isn't anywhere near (US or AUD) $7,000. It turns out to be less than AUD $15 and less than US $12. A much smaller wallet shock and well worth the view from the panoramic viewing platforms at the top of the building. The top observation floor is open the sky, but the glass walls means that there is no possibility of falling or jumping off the building.
The drawing below illustrates that the building is not only the largest in South, America and the Southern Hemisphere, it is the fifth (5th) highest building in the world (at least at that time)..