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South America January to April 2017
Santiago Sightseeing
Santiago is a friendly town and easy to get around. Mark and Alexa decided to travel around the city by walking and using the Metro (underground railway). It is one of the most modern in South America and the second largest after Mexico City.

For the walking phase of their visit, they walked down the Avenue Libertador Bernardo O'Higgins. The avenue is a dual carriageway with a parkland strip up the middle. Dotted along the way are a multitude of statues dedicated to the independence struggles through  out Chile's history.

This statue is dedicated to the "Combate de la Conception", referring to a battle at Conception. Mark did ponder why the figures were often in the nude. He thought that perhaps it was to emphasise the athleticism of the combatants, impressing the viewer that they were the "real men" (and real women) of the struggle.

Along the way was some nice colonial architecture such as the Palacio Ariztìa. Built in the French Neoclassical , it has luxurious halls and corridors in which large mirrors and metal casting work stand out on doors.

Until 1976, the palace housed the Military Club; from 1993, to the seat in Santiago of the Chamber of Deputies; and it was transferred to the Constitutional Court in 2009.

As you walk up the avenue, you can't help but notice a huge flagpole flying an equally huge Chilean flag. Unfortunately, the day that Mark and Alexa visited, the wind was just a breeze and the flag was hardly even fluttering.

This flag flies in in front of the Palacio de La Moneda.

Palacio de La Moneda (Palace of the Currency), or simply La Moneda, is the seat of the President of the Republic of Chile. It also houses the offices of three cabinet ministers: Interior, General Secretariat of the Presidency and General Secretariat of the Government.

It occupies an entire block in downtown Santiago, in the area known as Civic District between Moneda (North Side), Morandé (East), Alameda del Libertador Bernardo O'Higgins (South) and Teatinos street (West).