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South America January to April 2017
Salta was one of the disappointments of Mark and Alexa's South American Adventure. Not because of what they ended up seeing and doing, but rather because they had wanted to go on the Train to the Clouds and didn't end up going on it.

The company that runs it was completely useless. Not just in relation to their booking program on the website - that was wrong for many months, but with even with direct communication where an employee wanted to take money for a booking and was not authorised to do so! Be cautious if attempting to book this trip!!!
Still, It Turned Out Just Fine!
Even though it turned out that Mark and Alexa did not get to ride the train, the trip to the Salta region was well worth the effort. They hired a car and stayed in an AirBnB (Finca Serenidad) about 48km South of Salta near Osma, and had a ball exploring the local area.
Although the accommodation was basic, it was clean and functional - an after all, Mark and Alexa only needed a place to sleep after being out for the day. Breakfast was provided and it was a pleasant way to start the day sitting at the table outside their room, looking out to the mountains.
After the rain had come and gone, it was suggested to Mark and Alexa that just South of their accommodation, there were some family restaurants that would be suitable for their dinner, so they jumped in the car and went exploring.

In their explorations, they came across a lake with some very nice looking estates and resorts.
They also came across a nice family restaurant Posada Terrazas Del Lago set into the side of a hill overlooking the lake.