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South America January to April 2017
Lunch At Cafayate
Cafayate appeared to a holiday town, but by the look of the empty tables when Alexa and Mark had lunch, it was the holiday season. This was to be expected as they had been told that it was currently the rainy season where there could be heavy rain in the mountainous areas.

It was fortunate that it was the quiet season as they were able to park right next to the restaurant where they had lunch and watched the world go by.
After lunch, Mark and Alexa stopped at a winery that they saw as they approached Cafayate on the way in. They had a pleasant tasing and bought a bottle of wine for later.
After lunch, Mark and ALexa looked around the town. Having seen the monuments to the war on the Falkland Islands, it was interesting to see the monuments to the war from the other side with the monument below to the war of "Les Malvanis". The  text (roughly) says "HONOUR SOVEREIGNTY  Even when time passes, the village reminds these children of the reflection of bravery and sovereignty. THE MALVINIS ARE ARGENTINEAN".

Not having a good understanding of all the issues, Mark and Alexa were always careful when discussing the war on the Falklands or in Argentina, not to offer any opinions on the merits of the war and claims, except to comment that war is always a waste of good lives.