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South America January to April 2017
Valpariso to Buenos Aires, Round Cape Horn
After a few days in Santiago, it was time to move onto Valparaiso on the coast to catch a cruise down around Cape Horn and on to Buenos Aires. Alexa and Mark took a bus from the bus depot that was fairly close to the hostel were they stayed and travelled to coast. When they arrived, the luggage storage facilities weren't the best, so rather than storing their luggage and going for tour of Valparaiso, they went directly to the cruise terminal.
One of things about cruise liners getting larger is that a larger number of people have to board in the same time. While there appears to be a lot of empty space in the ticketing hall, the ticket counters at the rear of the hall were overflowing and the queue went about the same distance behind this photo to the doorway.
Because the queue was so big, Alexa decided to sit it out for a while, even though the queue wasn't getting any smaller. It here that South America's active consideration for people with a disability first helped us. An queue attendant came past and saw that Alexa had a walking stick. When she spoke to Alexa about her walking stick, we were bundled up and escorted to the head of the queue so Alexa would not have to stand in line for an hour or two.
While standing in the queue, there was an opportunity for the other person to look at the various products that were for sale and have a wine tasting. The vendor said that although you could only take one or two bottle on-board when you boarded, there was nothing stopping you come coming back and getting more. What wasn't mentioned was that the extras were confiscated and returned at the end of the voyage where duty may be (or may not) be payable.