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South America January to April 2017
Sea Day - Crown Princess
Occasionally between ports, it is necessary to have a "sea day" to et to the next destination. On these days, it is a good opportunity to explore the ship to see what it has to offer. If you get up early, it is a perfect time to look around before it starts to fill up with passengers looking for something to do. One of the things about cruises is that there are always plenty of ways for the cruise company to try to extract a bit more money from you. Some of which represent good value for money and others, well, perhaps not. The central plaza area is ringed with floors of shops and bars, but it also a place where there is often free entertainment, so it is generally a popular area.
One of the features of most cruise liners is the upper decks where there is an opportunity laze around under the warm sun and the sea breeze. On a cruise heading south towards the bottom of the world, this became an area that was less and less used the close the ship came to Cape Horn.
Even though the swimming pool was more protected, it too lost favour, but some times that was because of the state of the sea. Although it was never really rough, the sea state did come up a bit a few times on the cruise when the pitching of the ship as it headed into the waves set up oscillations in the pools and the surf was up. It is not without reason that the swimming pools are inside a larger pool enclosure.
After the excursions on the top deck it was time to look at the theatre. The area proved to be one of the most popular area on the ship with the nightly shows well attended. If you want a good seat, then don't be late as there are no reservations.
After wandering around the ship for a while, it is time to sit and relax in on of the bars and talk about the day, the ports yo have visited and the ports that you expect to visit later on the trip.