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South America January to April 2017
Sea Day - Crown Princess (Continued)
On the previous page, the photos showed the Crown Princess at its quiet times, however, most of the time there were a lot more people around as the shops opened, the entertainment started and it was time to sample the various eateries.
The central plaza with its multi-floor is always a buzz of activity during the day with people shopping, drinking, eating, being entertained, booking excursions, and making enquires at the service desk.
While dining in the buffet and the restaurant is included in the price of the cruise, speciality dining does incur and extra cost. Some time is it worth and other times perhaps not. One thing that was amusing (to Mark and Alexa) was the "Gastropub". Where they come from "gastro" is associated with gastroenteritis, rather than gastronomy, so a gastropub had the connotation that you would get sick from eating there. However, the food was nice and they didn't get sick.

The Crown Princess also had some speciality dining nights, one of which was the "Crab Shack". Mark and Alexa can recommend it was something worth paying the extra money for.
Taking a stroll around the promenade deck is often a popular thing to do on a cruise ship to get a bit of exercise and fresh air. However, the further the ship travelled south, the more such walks were restricted to the more hardy passengers who rugged up for the event. There were hardy passengers who sat out on the deck chairs with their binoculars watching for seabirds.
After a nice dinner it was time to go to a show at the theatre. Don't expect to see a dramatic play from the West End or Broadway! The shows are almost exclusively light musicals, and expect many performances to have interactions with the audience where people may be called up on the stage for competitions such as bobbling for apples or passing a balloon with using your hands. Not exactly Mark's favourite entertainment, but enjoyable as long as you get in the mood.