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South America January to April 2017
Landing at Puerto Montt
After a day at sea, it was time to visit Puerto Montt, a port city located at the northern end of Reloncavi Sound, about a thousand kilometres south of Santiago. This area has a strong German history due to an earlier policy of migration from Germany.

There are suitable moorings near Puerto Montt for the Crown Princess, so this was one of the first trips ashore on the tenders. Luckily, there are no ladders, but rather a fairly level walk from the ship onto the tender via a disembarkation hatch.
There was a steady flow of tenders to and from the Crown Princess and the other cruise liners mooring in the harbour. There was often a bit of a queue of tenders at the wharf, so some times the tenders slowed to a crawl, after a fairly speedy trip from the ship. Then, the wharf became clear and it was time to come ashore.
Once ashore, and out of immigration, it was into the car park to look for your bus. The bus tours arranged by the cruise line were generally close the disembarkation point, but that was generally at the expense of a higher tour cost. It is said that if a cruise line tour is late, the ship will wait, but if an external tour was late coming back, then the ship would depart - this was never tested during the cruise.