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South America January to April 2017
Tienda Petrohue
After leaving the Orsono Volcano lookout (or viewpoint as the locals call it), it was time to move on to the Petrohue Falls. The entrance to the falls walk does seem exceptionally crowded here but the place was teaming with people. Because of a stuff up, Alex and Mark did not get their tickets to the falls, so they did not get all the way to the falls, only to the bridge across the river to the island from where the waterfall can be seen.
The walk to the waterfalls was over part of the river onto the island. The bridges were packed with people, many of them from the two cruise ships that were in the harbour. Alexa waited int eh shop while Mark tried to locate the guide with the entrance tickets.
Once outside of the complex, it was easy to see why the tracks were crawling with people. There simply rows and rows on large buses, mini buses and other vehicles double and triple parked. This was clearly as case where there were too many tourists in one place at the same time.