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South America January to April 2017
Puerto Varas
After leaving the Green Lagoon, Mark and Alexa's touor travelled around the shores of  Laguna Llanquihue to the town of Puerto Varas for a short wander around near the waterfront are of the town.
Near where the bus let Mark and Alexa off, was a park where buskers were playing. The pan flute music was very pleasant and many people stood around listening to a wide range of music played on the wind instruments. The buskers often wanted cash for their CDs, but often tourists don't carry much local currency as the tours are usually paid for in US dollars and meals, etc. are purchased with credit cards.
While wandering around the waterfront of Puerto Varas, Alexa unexpectedly came across two of her friends who were on a completely different cruise, one that had been to Antarctica.
After leaving Puerto Varas, it was time to return to the Crown Princess and set sail for the next destination, the Amalia Glacier further down the coast of Chile.