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South America January to April 2017
Puerto Montt
As we left the port, the bus passed the statue of the lovers. Unfortunately, we didn't stop to get the front view.
Our first stop was
the Our Lady of Mount Carmel Cathedral. Its main structure is composed of native woods that form a planar system of beams resting on 12 columns of larch wood. Unfortunately, the Cathedral was closed, so it could only be admired from the outside.
There was a set of statues representing a pioneering family. It was perhaps prophetic that there is a dog in the set, since Mark and Alexa had never seen so many stray doges as there was in the areas around the statues and the Cathedral.
Leaving the waterfront area, the bus went up the hills behind the township to provide a view across the township and out into the harbour where two cruise ships were at anchor for the day. With two large cruise ships in port, it was a continual game of tag with a multitude of buses taking thousands of people around the local sites. This crowding was one of the reasons that ensure that excursions from a cruise are not really Mark and Alexa's favourite pastimes.