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South America January to April 2017
Puerto Madryn, Argentina
After leaving the Falkland Islands, the Crown Princess headed to Puerto Madryn on its way to Montevideo, Uruguay. There was a complete day at sea, giving plenty of time to walk around the deck and look at the waves and the sea birds.
Once the Crown Princess had docked, it was time to start the tourist bus scramble, as thousands of passengers pour of the ship and onto tour buses.
For those passengers on the rather more expensive cruise line tours, they simply milled around and then piled onto their large cruise buses. For those passengers who booked tours privately (and usually much more economically), it was a matter of finding the tour guide and then walking all the way along the wharf and out of the terminal area to the waiting mini-buses.

The trade-off is the easy of the cruise line large group tour, against the small mini-bus tours that may require a bit more walking to get to and from the ship. Mark and Alexa were generally happy to put up with the extra walking to be in a smaller, more personalised, more flexible tour.
One of the advantages of the mini-bus tours is that the driver and guide are not distracted by so many passengers, are closer to the road; and the passengers have a better view of the sides of the road where wildlife can be seen close up. It is also easier for the mini-bus to slow or stop to give everyone a good view. In the photo below on the side of the road is what Mark and Alexa believe was an Elegant Crested Tinamous - a running bird found in southern Argentina in shrub land.