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South America January to April 2017
Montevideo Tour (Cont.)
Much  of the half day tour of Montevideo was done on the coach. Looking at the line of coaches at the building below, this is not surprising as the bus in the foreground did not move the whole time it took Mark and Alexa's bus to drive around the building. It was a bit disappointing, but that is one of the penalties of being on a cruise.
Below is one of the squares where everyone disembarked to a take a few photos of the colonial style buildings and monuments.
Below is a rather common sight of the dog walker with his charges. Unlike other parts of South America, Montevideo did not seem to have the same issue with stray dogs. Apartment living probably means that this is the most practical way to ensure that the dogs get a walk (and a bit of socialising with other dogs).
Like the rest of South America, there are plenty of statues that commemorate the European settlers and the wars of independence.
After the tour, is was back to the Crown Princess for the trip across the Rio de La Plata during the evening.