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South America January to April 2017
Montevideo Tour
One of the major things that Mark did not like about cruises is the limited time that is available at each port. Trying to seriously explore a town, let alone the country in half a day is just not possible. It ends just being a rush around a few places in a bus where a fair percentage of the time is getting on and on the bus, or just whizzing past the attractions.
First, An admission that the photo above involves a bit of trickery. There were so many people in front of the Montevideo sign that it was better from the back (although reversed). PaintShop Pro fixed that by flipping the image. Below is how it looked from the front.
While the beaches looked nice, they are hemmed in by a skyline bristling with ugly high rise apartments. Still, that is pretty much the way of the world when there is a good beach near or in a large city.
Some may think that the colonial building above is a bit over the top and is perhaps even gaudy, but if you turn around and see the less than picturesque building below on the other side of the square, it is perhaps not as bad as you might have originally thought.