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South America January to April 2017
Port Stanley (Continued)
Walking further down Ross Road from the Port and past the church, the shorefront park has some historical relics. Although the cannon in the foreground looked like it may have some age to it, the two in the background with the protective covers over the breech, did look so ancient. although they were probably relics from the 1982 invasion.
Just a bit further along was a section of the Mizzen Mast of the ship "Great Britain" which was built in 19843. At this time, it was the largest ship in the world. The ship arrived storm-damaged at Port Stanley in 1886, where it remained for over 80 years. It was returned to Bristol for restoration in July 1970.
The front of the Stanley Post Office is adorned with the classic red telephone boxes and the red letter box. Two items that have started to fade into history as mobile phones and email draw away the need for these two items. For those of use that remember when the telephone box contained a large public phone, as well as bench for a telephone book, it is bot amusing and a bit sad to see a tiny modern phone in these old majestic boxes.
Continuing down Ross Road past the Post Office, the Public Works Department building was on the right. A close look at the state of the building showed that the department did not spend excessively on its own building.
Further down the road is a memorial to the British troops that retook the Falkland Islands, bringing the Falklands War to a conclusion. Many of the passengers from the Crown Princess where from Great Britain and visiting these memorials to the soldiers that were wounded or killed was one of the primary reasons for being on the cruise. This because evident earlier in the cruise when the threat of bad weather lead to discussions about whether the ship would be able to land passengers at Port Stanley. Fortunately, the weather did not affect the ability of the passengers to visit the memorials and battle sites.
It is such a terrible waste of life and material on both sides when the politicians cannot reach a settlement that does not require the use of deadly force.
The short period of time that Mark and Alexa had on the Falkland Islands was coming to an end and it was time to return to the wharf and wait for a tender to take them back to the Crown Princess.