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South America January to April 2017
Port Stanley, Falkland Islands
After returning from Gypsy Cove, there was time for a very brief look around Port Stanley. The area just outside of the port area had a definite English feel to them - that is, except that the sky was blue and the Sun was shining. It must be a two-edged sword for increasing large cruise liners to visit smallish settlement like Port Stanley. The influx of money must be good, but the mass of bodies wandering around, perhaps not so much.
One of the more striking building along the waterfront area is the church with the whale bone memorial in the park next door. Alexa had a short break ( bottom left of photo), while Mark walk around trying to get a good photo of the church.
The main hub of the township lead from the port, past the building above and along the waterfront between a park on the foreshore and rather quaint domestic buildings. Mark had gone ahead and crossed the road, then turned back to take a picture of the block of stone houses as Alexa came up the street.
The church is open to the public and is a very interesting church. The walls are lined with plaques and other memorials, and there are a number of stained glass windows.