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South America January to April 2017
Cape Pembroke, Falkland Islands
Walking around to the headland of Cape Pembroke from Gypsy Cove, Mark and Alexa came upon a quite extraordinary sight - the stern of the Crown Princess peaking over the top of the cliff.
From the headland, it was clear that it was no optical illusion that the Crown Princess looked like it was higher than the headland, as it moored outside the entrance to the bay holding Port Stanley.
The view from the headland also showed why this WWW II cannon was sighted on the headland to protect the entrance to the harbour.
Typically of sub-polar climates, the vegetation is small to protect itself from the inclement weather. Having said that, looking between the tussock grass, there are clumps of moss and small bushes with nice-looking red berries. Besides not being allowed to take anything from the reserve, it was not known if the berries were edible or not.