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South America January to April 2017
Crown Princess - Valparaiso Harbour
After clearing the check-in and customs, it was time to board the Crown Princess.
By CB2379 at the English language Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0,
Having run the gauntlet of photographers wanting to take kitsch photographs, Mark and Alexa eventually got to their cabin. As a cost cutting exercise, they got one of the cheapest cabins on the ship, being inside and one the lower decks. Instead of a porthole, they got a mirror. That didn't really matter, since the cabin was only there for sleeping, so it was no problem that they couldn't see the outside to inky night when they went to bed.
After looking around the cabin, Mark and Alexa went up to the main decks to look around the Valparaiso harbour before the cruise liner departed.

The surrounding vessels were quite interesting, as it looked like the Crown Princess was flanked by warships.
Also in the harbour was a floating dockyard. This dockyard is partially sunk so that a ship can be placed in the dock and then the water is pumped out of the floating dockyard so tha the vessel is out of the water. The vessel can then be serviced as it would be in any other dry dock. A example of a ship in the dry dock can be seen in the left hand image below this photo
Image from Sociber Chile website
As well as naval ships and large cruise liners, there appears to be much smaller tourist craft operating in the harbour as seen on the right.