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South America January to April 2017
Rounding Cape Horn
And here is what all the fuss is about - Cape Horn! For all its mystique, it is a rather unimposing cape, but as they say is real estate, it all about "Location, Location, Location!!"
After leaving Ushuaia, it was time for the Crown Princess to motor south towards Cape Horn.

The passage around Cape Horn has a reputation that spans hundreds of years. Sailing around the Horn is widely regarded as one of yachting's major challenges. Thus a few recreational sailors continue to sail this route, sometimes as part of a circumnavigation of the globe.

Almost all of these choose routes to the north of the cape, many making a detour through the islands and waiting for fair weather to visit Horn Island or to sail around it. Speed records attempts for round-the-world sailing are recognised when following this route.

The images below show that the day that the Crown Princess travelled to Horn Island to "round the cape" was not one of those days that showed off the area's infamous weather. In fact, as you can see, it is quite calm. It was only the mist that spoiled what would have been perfect weather.