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South America January to April 2017
Amalia Glacier and the Chilean Fjords
The leg to the Amalia Glacier was through the Chilean Fjords to a glacier at the end of one of the fjords. Unlike the other "excursions" on the cruise, there were no mooring or disembarking onto the tenders. It was simply a case of travelling to the glacier, having a look and going back out of the fjords.

It was an event that really required good weather to get the most from. and good weather was the one thing that was missing! It was clear as the Crown Princess travelled up the fjords that it was going to be a cold, wet and misty day - all of the things that weren't really conducive to standing on the decks looking as the Fjords and glaciers passed by.
With some many passenger, it is not always possible to get a view out of the wind and the rain,so during the periods where the mist and the rain mean that the view looks like a blank sheet of white paper, it was time to duck in under cover and have a seat, even it it was a dark alcove with no view. Fortunately, the crew were out and about offering coffee and blankets. The crew were also selling hot toddies for those that wanted extra fortification from the weather.
The rivulets of water down the sides of the fjords and the snow capped mountains flanking the channel were interesting, even given the poor viewing conditions, but that is not what everyone was looking for.
This is what they were looking for! The ice fragments in the water was telling everyone that the glacier was getting closer. From this point on, the space at all the railing were at a premium as people shuffled to get the best view. Obviously, however, not everyone can get a good view from one side of the ship even with all the decks. To overcome this limitiation, the ship wpould pass the glacier on one side, turn and then come back the other way, so everyone had a reasonable chance of getting a good view.
Peeking out from the mist and rain, the glacier that everyone had spent time peering into the mist and trying to avoid the rain. It was the best view, and it isn't the most spectacular glacier in the world, but for that short time that everyone stood and peered into the mist, it was their glacier.
As the Crown Princess travelled back along the network of fjords away from the glacier, for some reason, all interest in the view seemed to dissipate and the passengers were more interested in getting dry and having hot food and drinks.
Unfortunately, even the closest views weren't that great, but everyone simply had to make the best of what there was to see.