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Designed by Mark Little
South America January to April 2017
Easter Island (Rapa Nui)
Five and a half hours after leaving Santiago, Mark and Alexa land on the fabled Easter Island. A place Mark has always wanted to visit since reading about the Kon Tiki Expedition as a youngster at Primary School and seeing the Kon Tiki in the Ship Museums of Oslo.

Rather than taking commercial tours, Mark and Alexa elected to hire a car and spend a few days driving around the island.

The car was a small 4WD Suzuki Jimny. It was all that was needed as Easter Island is only about 25km long and about 12km wide at its widest point.
Mark and Alexa also decided to keep the accommodation simple and selected the Hostelling International hostel on Easter Island. The hostel was just out of the town centre and had a homey atmosphere. The hostel had a massive avocado tree, but unfortunately, none were ripe.
The hostel was basic accommodation, but clean. It was also to introduce Mark and Alexa to two things that were common across South America, from the humble hostels to much more upmarket hotels.

The first was a lack of water pressure and hot water. The second, a requirement that used toilet paper is not flushed, but rather placed in a waste bin next to the toilet.