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South America January to April 2017
Rano Raraku (Continued)
Along with the hundreds of statues in the area of the quarry, it is possible see where the moai were quarried. Apart from the rock faces where it is evident where figures have been quarried, there are half complete figures that have still be split from the bedrock.
The largest moai in the quarry (El Gigante) is believed to weigh about 160- 182 metric tons (more than the weight of two full 737 aircraft) and is some 72 feet (nearly 22 metres) long. If the moai had been completed, there is some question as to whether it could have been successfully moved. There is also some question as to whether it was ever the intention to move it. The largest moai ever erected is 10 metres high and weights 75 metric tons.
The construction of some moai were abandoned after incursions of hard rocks into the relatively soft tuff were found, making it difficult, or perhaps impossible, to accurately cut the outline and accurately sculpt the features of the moai.
If look carefully at the photo below, you can see the face of a Moai near the man with the child on his shoulders with the body stretching past the woman with the pram on the right of the image.