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South America January to April 2017
Orongo was a village perched on the seaward rim of the Rano Kau volcanic crater. On one side is the sharp cliffs to sea and on the other, a more gentle slope down to the fresh water lake in the crater.

The village was used a few weeks of the year at the beginning of Spring. Orongo was the focus of the Make-Make cult as the culture moved away from megaliths, The god Make-Make was closely related to fertility, spring and migratory seabirds.

After the cult of the ancestors that the moai represented, the bird-man competition arose (in late 17th century), as the best way to achieve power. The hopefuls would gather at Orongo for festivities and rituals before the competition began - see the next page for more information.
All of the houses where squat, circular stone buildings with a sod roof, no windows and a entrance that required the person to crawl through. The interior height ranges from 1 to 2 metres and it most cases it is not possible to stand up.  Some of the buildings are connected by narrow corridors, The dark, difficult to ventilate structures were only used for sleeping.