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South America January to April 2017
The first full day on Easter Island started with an overcast day with light rain. The rain meant that the walk to the statues was from shelter to shelter. The bars weren't open at time of day, so it was easy to walk from shelter to shelter. The only trouble was that the morning light meant that the statues were seriously backlit and it was difficult to get a good photo of the statues.
Apart from the bars and the fabulous sandy beach, there are two ahu (ceremonial platform of stone).

The first (Ahu Nao-Nao) holds a set of seven statues (moai), although two have seriously degraded - the end moai is not shown in the photo above. The secon ahu (Ahu-Atuer) has a single moai.

Ankena is unusual as it is one of only two sandy beaches. According to oral traditions, it was the landing point for a Polynesian chief who founded the first settlement on Rapi Nui (Easter Island).

It was also a ceremonial centre where the currently undecipherable Rongorongo boards were read. It was also a place of significance during the times of the birdman cult if the new birdman came from the western clans.

Below is a view showing the relative position of the ahus and a view from the rear of the seven (7) moai.