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QW-MS3010D 30V/10A Power Supply
A pair of QW-MS3010D variable voltage, current regulated power supplies provide the power required to develop most projects.  Using the two supplies together provides the capability to provide dual rail supplies.

These power supplies have had some bad reviews on the Internet (what hasn't?), but I have found them to be reliable in my home workshop. I have used them to calibrate the output of current sensors up to 10A without any issues, as well as the normal project supplies during development.
DIGITECH QM1323 Multimeter
The DIGITECH QM1323 multimeter
Hantek DSO4202C Digital Storage Oscilloscope
The Hantek DSO4202C is a low-end 200MHz Digital Storage Oscilloscope (DSO) with a single channel of 25MHz Arbitrary Waveform Generator (AWG).

It can be remotely controlled via the rear panel USB connection using the Windows-based TTScope program. Arbitrary Waveforms can be produced by the program DDS-ARB and uploaded into the on-board AWG.
The 4000 Series Instruction Manual provides information about the operation of the 4000 series of DSOs. The primary difference between the 4000 series models is the highest operating frequency. This is primarily controlled by the software, but it is understood that the input filters for the various models. The internet contains instructions for modifying the cheaper models to upgrade the input filters and load different firmware, but how successful these modifications are is unknown.