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Construct Ground Temperature Array (Cont)
Once you are sure that the wires are correctly solder to the connector, gently feed the wires through the hole in the end cap until the connector is just touching the end cap. Firmly press the connector into the hole until it is firm;y held in place by the friction. Gently use a pair of needle-nosed pliers to fold the two mounting pins (not shown on the connector diagram until they are pressed back onto the end cap. Recheck the wires still connected and then seal the connector and end cap using Araldite™ or similar, making sure that you do not foul the thread of the end cap. Wait until the sealant has properly cured.
Before starting to construct the internal cable loom of the temperature array, it is advisable to get everything set up. This will avoid frustrations later and reduce the possibility of errors due to becoming distracted.

Apart from the connector and the wire, you will need to set up a variety of tools to assist you make the cable loom. The image to the left shows a typical range of tools that will help you do the task a bit more easily, but what you select is really about making it easier for you, rather than what made it easier for me.

Apart from these hand tools, it is also very important to find a way to hold the connector steady without damaging it. The image below is an example of using a PCB holder to hold the connector.
Once you have set up your work area, use the cable list on the preceding page to guide you through the construction process. If you are going to protect the joint between the connector pin and the wire, don't forget to put in on the wire before you solder it - it will save you threading it on later.

When you have added all the wires, use some masking tape or similar to hold the wires in place until you feeding them through the end cap and seal the connector in place in the end cap.
Once the Araldite has cured properly, check the thread inside the cap to see that the thread is not fouled with glue. Then carefully thread the wires down the pipe and until the end cap is at the start of the thread. Screw the thread cap on for a couple of turns and then undo. Check the thread to see if there are any bit of glue in the thread and carefully remove if you find them. Repeat the process until you can thread the end cap all the way onto the pipe thread.

As one final check plug in the plug to the socket to see that it goes on smoothly and comes off smoothly. When that is done remove the end cap and cable from the pipe, ready for the temperature sensors to be added.