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Ethernet Converter
Designed by Mark Little
The 10-pin microporcessor interface connector has the following pin-out:
Pin Function
VCC Supply Voltage (+3.3V) to the Senor.
GND Ground or Earth connection for the supply voltage
CLKOUT A programmable Clock Output, based on the internal 25MHz clock
INT Active Low Output Interrupt signal to the controlling microprocessor
WOL Active Low Wakeup On LAN interrupt output
SO Data Output pin for the SPI interface
SI Data Input Pin for the SPI interface
SCK Clock Input Pin for the SPI interface
CS Active Low Chip Select for the SPI Interface
RESET Active Low Reset Input
This board contains the ENC28J60 which is a standalone Ethernet controller with a Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) connection. It provides the capability to serve as an 10Mbps Ethernet network interface for any microprocessor equipped with an SPI interface.
The interface provides internal RAM to buffer the received and transmitted data packets which means that the microprocessor's limited internal memory is not taken up with the network interface.
Although the device operates from a +3.3V supply, its inputs are +5V tolerant so that it can be interfaced with +5V microprocessors. However, the outputs may not be able to successfully drive the +5V lines of all connected devices. Therefore it is recommended that level converters are used on the SO, INT, CLKOUT and WOL outputs, if they are required.
It should be noted that there is significant programming required to set up and use this interface, As a result, it is probably wise to use an existing library for your microprocessor to control this device. It should also be noted that your network devices must be capable of handling 10Mbps Ethernet.