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DIN Connectors
Designed by Mark Little
8-pin mini-DIN connectors provide a relatively high wire density and can be obtained relatively cheaply from surplus component sellers from time to time. Given that many of the projects on this website deal with sensors, it is prudent to make a standard about what can be expected on each pin of the connector. After looking at wide range of cables with 8-pin mini-DIN connectors, it because obvious that there is not a common pin-out standard even for the earth connection. As a result, this leaves the way open to use a bespoke pin numbering scheme. The table below shows the standard pin-out wiring scheme adopted for projects on this site.
8-Pin Mini-DIN Connectors

Pin Function
1 Power Earth Connection
2 Signal Line 0.
3 Signal Line 1.
4 Signal Line 2.
5 Signal Line 3. See Note 2 below
6 Signal Line 4. See Note 2 below.
7 +5V Power Connection. See Note 3 below.
8 Signal Line 5. See Note 4 below.
Note 1: Unless specifically stated otherwise, the signal on each line should be uni-polar in the range 0 V to +5V.

Note 2: Pins 5 and 6 may be used for bi-polar RS-232 transmit and receiver.

Note 3: Pin 7 may be used for a signal line if the +5V power connection is not required.

Note 4: Pin 8 may be used a Signal Earth if required.