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Sky Camera
Designed by Mark Little
Brigadoon Sky Camera
The image below is an image from the Brigadoon Sky Camera. The resolution of the images has been reduced because of the low upload bandwidth from this site. The recent (late 2017, early 2018) issues with sky cameras on Weather Underground led to the development of software to publish sky images and time-lapse videos on this site. This ensures that the videos will not  be lost if an Internet Service Provider decides to stop handling these videos and deletes them.

The camera is an IP camera and the script that controls the camera can be found. Although the camera used on this site is VERY old, the script can be modified to suit a new IP camera, or it can be used to drive a Raspberry PI camera.

It should be noted that due the jpg compression scheme, a clear sky especially around sunrise and sunset can appear to light wavy bands across this sky. This is only an artefact of the processing.

During the night, the camera switches to infra-red mode and LEDS in the camera illuminate the back of the house and this can be seen during the night. Bright lights such as lightning or aircraft lights may be seen during the night. Normally the stars are not seen and the camera is not oriented so that it will see the Moon. Other objects that may be seen include light aircraft doing night flying exercises, flying insects in front of the camera, or spider web threads, if a spider has decided to make the camera home.

Looking at the video during the night, there are times when the sky appears to brighten slightly. At this stage, the reason is unknown, but it may be the lights of the city being reflected off the base of passing clouds. This will be examined in more detail as more records become available to determine if this is the case.
Current Sky Image
Current Sky Movie