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Brigadoon Weather Station
Designed by Mark Little
Brigadoon runs a HP1000-style weather station that normally uploads most of its data to Weather Underground, but not all measurements are publically available on the Internet. The data is, however, extractable from the weather station on a mini-SD card. From there, it can be imported into Excel or a database for further analysis.

The on-line information can be found on Weather Underground by looking at the station ISOUTHAU179.

The weather station also runs a sky camera that can be viewed on Weather Underground, or you can look at the reduced resolution image on this site that updates every 5 minutes.

The only connection that this unit needs to plug its power supply into the mains. Alternately, the unit can be powered from a 5V supply. A second unit is installed on the houseboat to provide weather information when boating.
The HP-1000 unit on the houseboat can't be aligned to North as the boat may be facing any direction, so the unit is aligned so that North (0°) points to the bow of the boat. The wind direction is therefore always shown relative to the bow. As a result, the wind direction is shows the direction of the apparent wind across the boat.

The apparent wind speed and direction are affected by the motion and orientation of the boat, but since the houseboat only travels at about 4 knots (7.4 kph), the effect isn't significant.

As the houseboat does not normally have 240V AC, 5V is provided using a DC-DC converter to provide power from the houseboat's domestic batteries.