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Houseboat Projects (Introduction)
Designed by Mark Little
The houseboat projects on this website are being developed for, or were developed for, the houseboat My Lady. This houseboat is a private recreational houseboat operating on the Murray River in South Australia. The houseboat operates between Wellington, just upstream of the Lower Lakes, up to Wentworth in New South Wales.

My Lady was built around 1985 and operated on the Murray River as a hire boat, licenced to carry 12 passengers, for many years. After it left the hire fleet, it has operated as a private houseboat with a couple of owners, before the current owners.

Over the years, modifications to the internal layout have reduced the passenger capacity down from twelve (12) to a maximum of three (3) couples, to provide a larger kitchen. Additional lifejackets allow the houseboat to carry over twelve (12) passengers, but they have to bring their own inflatable mattresses and bedding to either sleep on-board or camp ashore.

My Lady has featured in a SA Water video promoting how to safely transit a Lock on the Murray River.