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SwellPro Splash Drone 3
The SwellPro Splash Drone 3 is an amphibious drone that can operate in any weather (barring cyclones, etc)  and can carry a range of payloads.

The two primary types of payload are a stabilised camera and a payload release mechanism that can be used for fishing, search and rescue and more.

The body is made of durable 3mm reinforced ABS to provide a perfect water seal, allowing it to be fully submerged for sustained periods of time. It is capable of landing and taking off in fresh or salt water.

The drone is capable of carrying a payload of up to 1kg, allowing it to carry a fishing line with multiple baits or a safety equipment such as a self-inflating life jacket for up 1000 metres.
Depending on the payload, environmental conditions and operating mode, the drone is capable of speeds up to 57.5 kph (16m/s) or a maximum flying time of 16 minutes.
SwellPro 2-Axis Gimbal Camera (GC-2)
The 4K camera is fully waterproof, allowing filming while the camera is underwater, although this is not considered a significant feature, as this unit will primarily be used in the Murray River, which is very silty river.

The camera is only held by a single screw, making it easy to remove and install.

The 2-axis gimbal allows the remote adjustment of Roll (40°) and Tilt (90°). Camera Yaw must be adjusted by rotating the entire drone, but that ensures that the legs do not get in the way of the camera's view.
SwellPro Payload Release with 1-Axis Gimbal Camera (PL3)
The Payload Release System incorporates a one-axis gimbal, with a 4K camera.  A 0-90degree remote controlled tilt angle, helps record the whole air-drop process in stable video.
SwellPro Assistant 3
The SwellPro Assistant 3 provides additional control and monitoring functions.

These functions include:
(1) Low Voltage Alarm Settings
(2) Flight Control Self Test
(3) Fence, Go Home, Auto-Pilot, GPS Mode and motor idle settings.
(4) Reading live data from GPS, IMU and other sensors
(5) Download (but not decode) Log Files