Computing Projects
Designed by Mark Little
The projects on this site are designed primarily designed to run on the Linux operating system, although Windows is used for some functions such as the Basic Compiler, Web Editor, Office suites, CAD, etc.

Where possible Linux projects will be tested on a computer running Fedora Linux,and a Raspberry Pi computer running Raspbian Linux, using the Eclipse IDE and documented using Doxygen. The projects will mainly use Bash scripting and C/C++ to develop the software, although other languages such as Python may be used for Raspberry Pi software.

Microprocessor projects, such as the AT89C55, AT90S8535 and Arduino projects, do not use an operating system and may be programmed in BASIC or Assembly Language,

The project's software and documentation are linked to this website, so the latest versions of the software and documentation can be published without the developer having access to the web pages. This methodology is convenient, since the web edit (WYSIWYG) only runs on the Windows platform and it would be inconvenient for the developer to have to change platforms to publish what may be a minor bug fix or enhancement.