Raspberry Pi Single Board Computer
Hobby Applications for the Raspberry PI
Designed by Mark Little
The Raspberry PI is a small hobby computer that can run a full sized operating system - albeit with some restrictions because of its small size.
Although many projects for the Raspberry Pi are written using the Python language, the projects on this website are written primarily using the "bash" scripting language and compiled C++ code.
Where possible, commercially obtained hardware modules are used for the sensors and control elements, but where that is not practical or economic, simple hardware construction projects are included. In some cases, older existing hardware is used, rather purchasing the later versions of equipment designed specifically for the Raspberry Pi or similar. An example of this the GPS receiver used for the navigation and time projects. An old serial GPS receiver is used in conjunction with a old USB multi-port serial device, rather than one of the small units that fit on one of the Pi's daughter boards.
In all cases, however, the systems are designed to be capable of being run from a +12V battery supply as found on the houseboat. Where multiple power supplies or higher voltages are required, these voltages are derived from the +12V supply as part of the project.
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