Computing Projects
Common Include Files
Designed by Mark Little
A set of include files relevant to the types of projects developed here is maintained  here. Many of these constants are available elsewhere, but there is an historical basis for these files so they are maintained for backwards compatibility.

There are five (5) C/C++ include files suitable for Linux compilers:
Include File Purpose
ascii_defines.h A set of ASCII definitions.
log_levels.h A set of definitions for a custom logging program that identifies the Logging Level  and the Logging Mode. The logging modes can be customised by the program to provide tailored information about the message
physical_constants.h A list of physical constants used to manipulate physical measurements.
physical_structures.h A list of structures that define physical attributes such as the 3D location of an object and its velocity.
planetary_constants.h A list of constants such as Mass, distance to the Sun for various planets. It also contains nominal orbital elements for various planets.
Incude Files