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IP Sky Camera Setup (Continued)
Designed by Mark Little
The Device date&Time Settings menu sets the camera up to get time from an NTP (network Time Protocol) server to ensure that any time stamps on the images are correct.
The Users Settings menu allows the setting up of three accounts with differing privileges. Don't forget to write down the user names and passwords in a secure place, because it can be a pain if you lose them.
The Basic Network Settings menu provides the option to allow the camera to pick up an IP address from a DHCP server, or to enter fixed IP parameters, if the button is unchecked. The HTTP port is the port that must be appended to the IP address to access the web server. It is recommended that it is left at 81 as this is a common setting for control interfaces.
Unchecking the "Obtain IP from DHCP Server" reveals the menu for setting up a static IP address for the camera.