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IP Sky Camera Setup
Designed by Mark Little
Current versions of an IP camera should come with software to allow the camera to be set up. As discussed on the previous page, the camera for this project is setup using software that does not run correctly under Internet Explorer 11, due to changes in its security concept. As a result, the Firefox browser is used (under Windows or Linux).
Before attempting to set up the IP camera, it must be decided what features the camera provides and how you want to use them. This project ignores all features such as motion detection and concentrates on the basic functions.
While there are three methods of retrieving images from the camera, this project will use the FTP (File Transfer Protocol) method and the image will be updated by the camera every 2.5 minutes.
Using the camera's IP address, port number, username and password previously identified, connected to the camera with the following  URL.


Assuming that the username is "admin", the password is blank, the IP address is and the port number is 81, the URL would be:


As indicated, select the "Server Push Mode for Firefox" to bring up the control panel.