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Brigadoon is a mythical village in the Scottish highlands which only appears on Earth once every hundred years for a day.
The village was so "blessed" in answer to the prayers of the local priest who wanted to save the village from earthly strife. The price the priest paid was that he did not accompany the village in its journey through time.
The village will only continue on the condition that none of its populace leave the village. For those who are truly in love with someone in the village, it may appear outside of its usual 100 year touchdowns on this earth.
Welcome to Brigadoon!
Designed by Mark Little
This site is named "Brigadoon" for two reasons. The first is that it runs from a home computer and lacks the facilities of a professional Internet Provider, such as redundancy and backup power. As a result, it can disappear without any notice, only to return soon after disappearing.

The other reason is recognition that it has come and gone for lengthy periods over the years. Brigadoon and its predecessors have have been around since 1984, when a home made CP/M computer, with two (2) 8" floppy disks, was run as one of the early Australian dial-up Bulletin Board System (BBS) in Manly (a suburb of Brisbane, Queensland), with assistance from one of the Grand Old Men of the Australian BBS, Bill Bolton.

The site in Manly has the rather dubious "honour" of being probably the first BBS to shut down in Australia, when it moved to Alice Springs. Although the telephone company was warned not to re-allocate the number immediately, as the phone line ran hot 24-hours a day with BBS calls from around Australia and the South Pacific, this is exactly what they did! A start-up chemist shop was most unimpressed that their brand new phone line was constantly bombarded with modem calls, rather than customers

The BBS was set up Alice Springs in the Red Centre of Australia. A few years later there was another relocation to Adelaide, South Australia and the system was set up on a permanent dial-up connection to the Internet, before eventually moving to an ADSL2+ link. Luckily, the computer was located near the telephone exchange and was capable of accessing the maximum possible ADSL2+ data rates, with Annex M providing a decent upload rate for serving out this site. It remains to be seen what will happen when the site has to transfer to the NBN, using HFC, although this appears to have been delayed for some time.

This site has had various incarnations, such as the original CP/M machine, a Windows machine, Linux machines, an Amiga3000, and even on a commercial web server.

Although the system has run on a variety of Linux operating systems, including Fedora and Caldera, the habit of keeping the old installation disks created an interesting aside when a copy of the old installation disks for the Fedora operating system was provided as part of legal case about the ownership of the distribution's name.

Brigadoon has continued to come and go for over 30 years and will probably do so for more years to come - until the Webmaster takes that final trip to Brigadoon and the website disappears one last time.
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